The Most Beautiful Places of Moscow

The Most Beautiful Places of Moscow
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Меркина И.
2009 г.
184 стр.
So many books, articles and guides have been written about Moscow. The great city is known world-wide, thanks to films, TV programmes and photos. Still, Moscow is ready to reveal more secrets to a visitor. The book you are holding in your hands will take you on a tour full of wonderful discoveries. It contains information about streets, squares, and buildings the Russian capital is famous for, its monuments, theatres, museums, cathedrals and monasteries, and people who inhabit the city. The authors made an attempt to walk the reader through different periods of Moscow's development, from its early days to the present time. Of course, providing all information about the ever-changing city is impossible, as each written book is just a small step towards greater insight and understanding of the amazing City's versatile nature.

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Самые красивые и знаменитые (Все книги серии)

Самые красивые и знаменитые

Аванта+; 2009 г.; 184 стр.

732,60 руб.
814,00 руб.
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